I think we all agree that sometimes less is more and in a world full of people shouting their thoughts, often not required, some sobriety may be appreciated. And this is the reason why I created this web site with no colours nor flashing graphics but just text and few pictures.

Unlike my other "professional" site in Italian, where I had to be more catchy and focused on few topics, here I want to be more "me". Not because I'm not me on the other site but because there's more than business and work stuff to share. 

Call it outburst or whatever, but if you want to know me better and follow me, you're welcome to interact and look inside this guy who doesn't want surrender to the time and is deeply convinced that life deserves acting with awareness. Thus if you're not as those who passively give up to laziness up to not willing to understand anymore what is your way, probably you are going to appreciate this blogs.

Sometimes I call myself me landless, some other times a citizen of the area between prime to second meridian but what it really matters is that I feel at home everywhere I can find good people. Not easy but, you know, living itself ain't easy.

Maybe I should write some more but after all the site is meant to be discovered.

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