Who wins and who loses between WOD and ego.

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Who wins and who loses between WOD and ego.

Today we talk about who wins and who loses between WOD and ego, even if the answer is obvious. Let’s talk about that ego and self-esteem that comes when that WOD arrives that seems to have been created especially for you. The qualification for some event you would not have wanted to participate in but that “with a WOD like this you can’t go wrong”. What everyone says is yours and you are so convinced that you let yourself be carried away. The one with the perfect sequence, the same one you’ve been practicing for several months and when you read it you think, “This is mine. I’ll eat it “.

And since you know exactly what to expect because, even if in a different sequence you did it and did it ad nauseam, you set yourself an ambitious score target because you think that if you always do good results in training, let alone when you do it with a judge, boxmates cheering you on and all.

Instead, disappointment at the right moment. The timer stops and you find out you’ve done your worst WOD ever. Well, that is bad, if it has happened to you too at least once, welcome to the club of those who forgot to leave the ego outside the door.

Never underestimate situations

The moral is that situations should never be underestimated by facing them too confidently because overconfidence almost always leads to an announced disaster. The reasons? Well the first thing is missing that “healthy wring” that pushes you to try to do the best possible because you know that every second that passes you are at risk of disaster.

Then the fact of thinking of succeeding without problems almost always leads to underestimate the rest of one’s activities, making us get to the moment to do that WOD tired and not in the ideal shape.

Getting to do a qualifying WOD in full recovery is never a good idea. And once again it is shown that the head has the same responsibilities as the body in the success of a WOD. Once again it is shown that maximum concentration is also needed when we do something that we believe comes natural to us.

You have to be lucid

Obviously you take it. First with yourself both because you do not understand the reason for such a sensational debacle, and because looking back on the previous days you realize that you have done exactly everything that you must not do to get in shape for a qualifying WOD.

Like continuing with your training program which, however, was aimed at another event and is so heavy that it does not give you very little recovery margin.

Even your warmp up, on this occasion, was nothing short of indecent so much “these exercises come to me anyway” and you threw yourself into the WOD almost cold.

All errors caused by believing too much in one’s abilities, giving space to one’s ego which sometimes re-emerges and takes over, remembering then that only with the humility of the beginner can you bring home the best results. Ultimately, when you believe you are safe it is the time when something goes wrong.

He said it “murphy”. no not that of the WOD and this is confirmed by millions of cases that happen every day in every aspect of life. If you want to pass an exam study but never be too sure you know everything, if you want to score a good WOD train but never be sure of the result you will do.

Think about success but focus on achieving it without letting the fact that you believe too much in your abilities lead you to underestimate what you are going to do.

In the end, it is a question of keeping our feet on the ground and episodes like this remind us of it when, by chance, we forgot about it.

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