The Social CrossFitter

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The Social CrossFitter

But is the typical CrossFitter really the one that is offered to us every day in social media posts? Or is what we perceive a distorted reality? I asked myself this question the other night while browsing Instagram and then I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who has no idea what CrossFit is and wants to do one, browsing on social media. And so I enjoyed tracing the profile of the social network CrossFitter, as others probably see it and I think I understand why reality is often misrepresented.

CrossFitter Millenial

The largest group of CrossFitter is undoubtedly that of the Millenials, which has many implications from a cultural point of view such as being irresistibly attracted to all kinds of gadgets that not even a child with the bees of the music box hanging above the cradle or that of being considered digital natives therefore not even being able to conceive their existence without the Internet and Social Networks.

It therefore happens that the CrossFitter type becomes on the one hand the goal of the fitness gadget industry which considers it the archetype of the Cash Cow and on the other hand is itself an active vehicle of this archetype through everything that it posts on Social Networks.

To better explain this phenomenon, it would be necessary to go a little deeper into the consumption habits of Millennials, but I don’t want to go off topic. If you are interested in the Millennial speech on social, I wrote an entire book that you can buy on Amazon.

The Social CrossFitter

Let’s say immediately that there are two macro categories of social CrossFitter. The first is that of those who, having understood how to use these media, have made it the fulcrum of their personal branding by acquiring, in some way, a number of followers such as to make them visible, transforming them in some cases into real influencers. 

The latter, who are the majority, are those who use Social Networks in an absolutely unconscious way, emulating the former in the hope of becoming like them.

the purpose is not the notoriety as an end in itself but the fact that if one has many followers, then he will also have sponsors who will offer them money and infinite wealth in exchange for visibility. Which is true but, as a famous song said, one in a thousand makes it. The rest of the rest of the nobles with high hopes and hands split by too much BMU.

Among the group of “influencers” we can then identify various other subgroups, all united by the fact that they include the word #crossfit as the hashtag of their posts. And the beauty is that in some cases they don’t even know what CrossFit is, which they mention only because it is a trendy hashtag. 

And so we go to the internationally renowned CrossFitter Competitor, the self-proclaimed Fitness Model on the hunt for gigs and someone who will guarantee him the daily dose of protein for free, from the Doctor on duty to the Fitness Influencer who sells online courses to lose weight and become as cool as she is. if you are 80 and she is 24 – guaranteed result. 

In the everyday CrossFitter group, on the other hand, we find a perpetual dejavu which, if observed carefully, but not so much in reality, even allows us to identify the stage of the practice of the guy who posts something. I know this well because in addition to studying these media phenomena, I have also been through them in many years of practice.

For example, the beginner always publishes photos of his first WODs where he is portrayed collapsed on the ground with a bewildered air and comments such as: “WOD done. I have seen the Madonna ”or some other component of the sacred scriptures. 

The Competitor publishes the same type of photo, generally post qualification, amicably insulting whoever created the qualification WOD that has just finished. Then we have the first something: the first double under, the first muscle up, the first handstand. Which, if you think about it, presupposes always training with at least a smartphone always pointed at you with the camera on, otherwise it cannot be explained how they always have the video documenting the feat with lots of applause from enthusiastic bystanders.

Then we have the community posts where we can find a group in bodybuilding poses with the inevitable guy flexing his biceps and all strictly belly in and the posts of dinners, parties and barbecues where food abounds were not even Lucullian parties. I also mention the Posts of the various Box Owners / Trainers who now have nothing of the original but are the repetition of the same patterns for years and years, so much so that they have become almost a parody. 

People clapping their hands to make the chalk cloud, athletes making faces of acute suffering while they are lifting to the limit of the human, close-ups of hands with hook grip on a barbell and so on all the damn discounted repertoire, trite and withdrawn that we find every day on social networks.

As Marcella Bella said in one of her songs, “And now we are like that, two biscuits in you, but we are together because it’s chic”.

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The profile of the Social CrossFitter

From all this almost autistic production of posts and contents, a profile of the CrossFitter emerges which, while celebrated by its peers, is absolutely misunderstood and mocked by the rest of the fitness world, which is no less important and would do well. to look through its ranks. So here are the impressions that the world has made of CrossFitters, scrolling through the social networks.

The CrossFitter spends most of his time on social media and appears first of all a tough, contemptuous of fatigue and pain who always appears dying after every workout where he gave everything he had at the cost of getting injured, injured, vomiting or collapsing . But then he does all those very difficult exercises, with those weights or you can see how he suffers that it doesn’t have to be easy. But who makes him do it?

The CrossFitter cannot train without accessories and gadgets because not a day goes by when someone does not publish a post in which he thanks some company they compulsively tag for giving him knee pads, wrist braces, jump ropes, lumbar belts and so on and so forth. put. In reality, it turns out that most of the time they are simple referrals who hope to raise a few Euros from some affiliate marketing program, cleverly set up by companies that use this mechanism to increase their notoriety.

The same goes for supplements and in fact people believe that those who practice CrossFit use supplements in an exaggerated way, even if the reality is that it is affiliate marketing that has the dual purpose of attracting other CrossFitters by convincing them of the goodness of those products. and make the rest of the world believe that Crossfitters are addicted to supplementation.

Those who do CrossFit always eat a lot. Eat too much and pass the time between barbecues and restaurants. And in fact, judging by the posts, this behavior, suspended during the pandemic, has returned to populate the social profiles of CrossFitter and Boxes in a preponderant way.

CrossFitters always stand half an hour and are exhibitionists. And even here we certainly cannot say that public opinion is wrong because in fact the vast majority of places in circulation present just that. Go and explain that it is not for exhibitionism and that if the Six pack comes out it is just an unwanted accident because the truth is that you were hot, very hot.

Are we really like that?

The question then comes back. Are we really how we represent ourselves on social media? Or are we different from this but at the same time victims of our vanity or our need for attention? Or have we simply not understood how to use social media to give messages that reflect our reality, instead of copying that of others?

I leave the answer to you and your comments.

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