At the box without the box

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At the box without the box

Training as being at the Box but without the Box is the challenge of this last period and with the arrival of spring, even the most lazy people have no excuse to go out to train. Even when the box is closed .

A loaded barbell, a wooden box or even one’s own body, a timer, perhaps in the mobile phone and then 3… 2… 1… GO !. After all, CrossFit is all here and it takes very little to experience the emotion that only a WOD can give. And you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Often just the imagination and the ability to use what you have. Outside the official boxes there are hundreds of people who train every day at home, on the life courses or in the makeshift box, using only what they have and often completely alone. This is also CrossFit.

Born as a set of open source resources, CrossFit provides all the necessary literature to structure a programming even in an autonomous and complete way without a support box. After all, it is the story of many of us who started practicing CrossFit when organized boxes did not yet exist and we trained in the garage, on the fitness trails, in the parks or in the woods. And it is this same story that of many people who still today, for various reasons while drawing information and ideas from boxes and coaches on the web, continue to train on their own.

In this type of situation, where you not only train with what happens using your imagination but where you are also alone, there is usually an added difficulty which consists in being able to maintain determination. Training in a group helps to stimulate and support each other and even when you think you can’t make it there is always a training partner ready to support us.

When you are alone, your partner has it only in your head and it takes a great deal of determination to finish certain WODs or even just to find the desire to train that is not always ready as we would like. Here then, those who train alone, must have an extra gear called self-motivation, or the ability to “get by” even when the desire to train and commit is lacking or when a WOD is so demanding as to push us to stop earlier than expected because “nobody sees me anyway”.

It is clear that those who train do it primarily for themselves and it is equally clear that cheating on the results, as well as not completing a WOD or not performing it at all, does not bring any benefit to anyone but rather it is the way to learn. to cheat above all with themselves. Think about it, if you skip reps at the bottom no one cares but in the end this fact will affect both your performance and your mood because if you give up once you tend to be too forgiving and always give up.

Yeah, but where to find self-determination? There are various ways, mostly tricks such as giving yourself small rewards for each result achieved or recording each workout in detail so that you can evaluate your progress day after day.

Some visualize all their WODs and then execute it exactly as they imagined, they are a bit more complex techniques, usually used by professional sportsmen, which still help to reach their goals and to close the WODs at best even without the support of companions. of training. They are tricks, of course, but they are exactly what we need to say: “I can do it”.

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